5 negative effects of skipping dinner to lose weight. Let me tell you.. there’s only damage and loss.

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There are many good results in losing weight. It may just take some time. That is why girls Many people choose to lose weight quickly by dieting. Especially skipping dinner every day. which fasting, no matter what meal All have negative effects on the body. It may also cause weight loss to not have satisfactory results. Let’s take a look at the negative effects of skipping dinner in order to lose weight.

5 negative effects of skipping dinner to lose weight. Let me tell you.. there's only damage and loss.

1. The body lacks nutrients.
According to a market survey conducted by an independent organization in the United States, the NPD Group, it has been discovered that most people will purchase healthy food during dinner. And will focus on eating fruits and vegetables during that time more than other meals. Therefore, refraining from eating dinner to lose weight. It is equivalent to closing the opportunity for the body to receive complete nutrition. But for anyone who wants to abstain from eating during dinner. You must ensure that breakfast and lunch of that day. The body really receives complete nutrients from all 5 groups. Otherwise, it may result in malnutrition in the body.

2. Symptoms of fatigue
Of course, skipping dinner This will make the meal distance from today’s lunch to tomorrow’s breakfast quite long. It also causes the hormones that control hunger to become confused. As a result, sugar levels plummet. Because the body does not receive food to convert into sugar. This makes the body unable to send glucose to the brain. Until causing the body to feel tired. dizziness Or sometimes it can cause blurring.

3.Risk of having stomach disease
The body’s nature automatically secretes gastric acid when it’s time for a meal. But when you skip eating dinner, it will cause your digestive juices to meet with water. Resulting in gastric juice digesting the stomach. and eventually risk getting gastritis For some people who abstain from eating dinner for a long time. It can cause gastritis and may be severe enough to cause stomach perforation.

4. The digestive system is broken.
The digestive system is broken from dieting. That’s because the body doesn’t receive enough nutrients. Therefore, the chance that the body does not have dietary fiber to excrete as waste is very high.

5. Uncomfortable, causing insomnia
Skipping dinner will cause discomfort. Because the stomachs of girls There was a stir. Because the digestive system is disrupted. Some may cause bloating and bloating. This is caused by the stomach not being used properly. In some cases, symptoms may be as severe as nausea and vomiting during sleep.

It can be seen that fasting does not have any beneficial effect on the body. It will only cause damage to the functioning of various systems within the สมัคร ufabet body. Therefore, any ladies who want to lose weight for real results It is recommended to control the amount of food you eat. By emphasizing that the body receives complete nutrition. Avoid fried or oily foods. As well as exercising regularly. This method will make weight loss more effective.