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Anyone who is tired of shaking the 6-sided dice, try this one. Although using the same 3 dice, but definitely more brutal than before Because he uses 12-sided dice to play. But if looking at the payment rate, it is considered quite worth it because the payment is quite high. As for the form of thrusting, it ranges from color thrusting to animal thrusting, where each animal will have its own points. and pay rates are different Or even betting on general Hi-Lo numbers is available as well.

Super hi-lo color

gourd, crab, fish

The ultimate gambling game that is extremely classic. Must give this game gourds, crabs, fish that we are well acquainted with since the time when it was a paper board gambling game. Easy to find at stores near home. Until today it became another gambling game that was brought up in online casino Although it is modern, it still retains the same style of play, namely using 6 dice, 3 balls to shake and predict the results, only that the dice used will be the faces of different animals, including chicken, shrimp, tiger, crab, fish. and gourds, with each face having a different point value ranging from 1-6. Most bets are placed mainly on the UFABET face of the dice which will be the face of the animal. If we guess correctly, then we win.

At this point, I think many people would like to play dice betting games. It’s not difficult, just go in. online casino and see what games he has for us to play Although there are not all of them, there will definitely be at least 1 – 2 games from the examples given here. Don’t forget that we have to choose to see. online casino only reliable and should be played like a live casino will be more reliable