Premier League boss revealed by police for rape of teenage girl

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A new scandal has surfaced in English football. As a Premier League manager is being investigated by police over allegations of the rape of a teenage girl.

       Football scandal has reignited. As a Premier League manager is being investigated. By police over allegations of rape of a teenage girl according. The Sun is ‘Famous figures in football’ and the incident took place many years ago

Premier League

Went to the police station voluntarily with his lawyer. About his involvement or suspicion of involvement in the offence. And police have yet to decide whether to charge him or take further action.

         “On Thursday September 23, 2021, the MET (London Metropolitan Police) received a report of a rape-related crime, The Sun reported in a Met Police statement. Whether it was related to the crime at the police station. When she applied to work for the organization. 

     The Sun added: “The allegations date back to a few years ago. When the complainant met the suspect. After she applied for a job at a place. Teenage girl And now you’re a woman. The Sun quoted a source as saying. The incident dates back to a few years after she applied for a job where he worked.

         We have to wait and see how the results of the investigation will come out. And how will it affect the club that this manager manages? The Premier League will start the 2023/24 season on Friday, August 11, 2023. But before that there will be preparations for the pre-season ufabet team. since the beginning of July There will be warm-up kicks for all 20 teams in the Premier League before the start of the season, at least 3 matches per team starting on July 11, 2023 .