Look at the form of 10 Premier League players who moved to the Saudi league last year. Who rose and who fell?

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  • Many famous Premier League stars will move to the Saudi league in the summer of 2023.
  • Ruben Neves, Kalidou Koulibaly, Aleksandar Mitrovic succeed in winning titles with Al Hilal
  • There are many others who have even played at the highest level of football. But unable to adapt to the Saudi league
Look at the form of 14 Premier League players who moved to the Saudi league last year. Who rose and who fell?

The summer market of 2023 will probably be one of the football markets that will be remembered for a long time. When all the players from the Premier League moved to teams across the continent to play in the Saudi league with enormous amounts of money. And as you know, the Saudi Pro League has a plan to raise the level of football in the country with the goal of becoming one of the professional football leagues.

Therefore, the best shortcut is to spend huge sums of money to buy famous stars to participate in the competition, regardless of price. As a result, teams in the English league are willing to sell one player after another in order to raise funds for the ufabet https://ufabet999.app team. Today 90MIN will take everyone to see the form of each former. Premier League player who moved to play in the Premier League. Saudi Arabia in the market in 2023 will rise or fall?

1. Emerick Laporte (Al Nasser)

One of Manchester City’s most important former defenders, he impressed with Al Nasser, with one memorable moment when he scored from half the field. Making his name a lot of talk in the online world at that time. However, Laporte showed some signs of throwing a punch at an opponent in the last league game against Al Ittihad until he was sent off the field by a red card for making a mistake. Played in the King Cup finals against their main rivals, Al Hilal. Which in the end Al Nasr was defeated as well.

2. Alex Telles

Alex Telles is another person who has been revived after moving to play in the Saudi Pro League because he has been given the opportunity to play continuously again. And was able to show the most fearsome form of attacking on the left. However, he was criticized for many occasions when he liked to return to his own position in time, which became the source of the 42 goals that Al Nasr conceded to This season’s competitors

3. Sadio Mane

After a difficult transition to the German Bundesliga with Bayern Munich, Sadio Mane has returned to life playing alongside Cristia. No Ronaldo at Al Nasr has not yet been able to produce a trophy for his team. But the Senegalese star has scored 19 goals and 11 assists, showing his form. He who began to regain his power once again.

4. Fabinho 

Another defensive midfielder that Al Ittihad invested in for a total of 40 million pounds. But he has shown disappointing form in his first season in the Saudi Pro League. Which if we’re being honest, Still not the old Fabinho that Reds fans know plus injury problems at the end of the season caused the Brazilian midfielder to miss almost three months on the field.

5. N’Golo Kante 

Even though many people think that Kante’s time has passed. Because throughout his last two seasons with Chelsea, Kante suffered from injuries so frequently that he was hardly able to play. But his life changed again when the World Cup-winning midfielder moved to Al Ittihad and returned to full fitness, playing in all 44 games last season. In addition, he received the opportunity from Didier Deschamps to be called into the team to compete in Euro 2024 as well.

6. Kalidou Koulibaly 

If Al Hilal’s front line has Mitrovic and the midfield has Ruben Neves. The back line’s carrier probably cannot escape Kalidou Koulibaly, who has moved to the team in succession in the past year already After spending a short period of time in London with Chelsea, Koulibaly acted as a strong defender, leading his team to become The “undefeated champion” conceded only 23 goals throughout the season. They also won 31 out of 34 games.

7. Aleksandar Mitrovic

It would not be wrong to say that this was the best signing of the Saudi league last year. Because Mitrovic exploded in brutal form, scoring 40 goals and 8 assists alone. Playing 44 games in all competitions, scoring fewer goals than Cristiano Ronaldo, the only one in the Saudi league, it must be said that he is an important cog in which Al Hilal cannot be without. All at once right now

8. Ruben Neves

The Portuguese striker, who has spent more than five years in the Premier League, joined Al Hilal at the peak of his career. However, Neves has been an important force in midfield helping Al. Hilal won the double championship last year with an outstanding performance of 7 goals and 12 assists from playing 48 games in all competitions. It is also a record for not losing even a single game in the league.

9. Demarai Gray

The former Leicester City star joined Al-Ittifak for just £8 million. Which is considered a very small amount by the standards of foreign players in the Saudi league. However, Demarai Gray Still unable to show his good form by scoring only 4 goals and 4 assists from playing in every competition for more than 25 matches, plus he alone managed to get 2 red cards in the latest season as well.

10. Jordan Henderson 

It can be said that he is another person whose life has suffered the most from the decision to move to a team in Saudi Arabia because before moving, Henderson was one of the players that Liverpool fans loved the most. Joined Al-Ittifak this past summer. And there was a problem with the agency until he had to invest and ask to pay the contract cancellation fee himself after only 6 months had passed. There is news that Henderson has been owed wages for more than half a year of playing. In addition, he lives in Saudi Arabia How unhappy as well