local hi-lo

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It can be considered as the top dice game that people are most interested in playing. With the rules that are not much different from Hi-Lo at home Is a Hi-Lo like a Thai house, just us. The device used has 3 dice, where the dealer will shake the device to predict the result. Players then place their bets on the betting table. Before the dealer opens the cover to let everyone see the outcome of the UFABET dice.

 If anyone guesses correctly, they will receive a reward according to the payout rate of the bet type placed. In addition to Hi-Lo Thai online casino Some places also have Vietnamese Hi-Lo to play as well. The method of playing is similar to Hi-Lo Thai. Only we will be able to bet on small (4 – 8 points) and big (10 – 17 points) only and have a few more winning conditions for the dealer.


Sic bo

Sic Bo is another dice gambling game that is very popular in Online casinos around the world, the style of play is similar to traditional dice. To use the same three dice. The same basic bets are placed. It can also be called a universal Hi-Lo. But one thing that is different is that there are many types of bets. And the rate of payment is higher But the highlight is that it is a gambling game where players can choose the level of risk they want by themselves. because in the betting board will already show the payout rate Makes it easier for players to make decisions.