Hojbier has spoken after signing as one of Conte’s players against Saints.

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Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Pierre-Emile Hojbier was the first player to speak out about Antonio Conte Nott’s deflection following the draw with South Ham. Pumpon last Saturday

 Pierre-Emile Hojbier will wait for manager Antonio Conte to ‘explain more’ about the comments made during an angry 10-minute interview after a draw at Tottenham Hotspur. Against Southampton on Saturday March 18, 2023, the Danish star made his debut at St Mary’s Stadium on Saturday. and found himself prone to criticism when his manager criticized the players and the UFABET club as a whole.

Hojbier has spoken after signing as one of Conte's players against Saints.

          In addition to questioning the professionalism of players and pointing out that they often have ‘excuses’ for their poor performance. Conte also said Tottenham Hotspur were unwilling to ‘Playing under pressure’ is what is responsible for their trophyless ‘Twenty Years’. But the 27-year-old is weighing up his response to the post-match interview. He told Danish publication Tipsbladet that he would like to hear the coach’s criticism more detailed.

          Asked if he had heard the words of his manager, Hojbier said: “I think we’ve all seen it.” It was because he was dissatisfied. You don’t do that if you get to the quarter-final of the Champions League and if you’re in the semi-final of the FA Cup. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the results that the team and the club wanted. We are still where we want and need to be in the Premier League, but yes, it’s difficult.

          Spurs are currently fourth in the Premier League but Newcastle and Liverpool, fifth and sixth respectively, play two games less than the north London club. “I understand that if you want to be successful as a team. You need 11 guys who are committed to the project and the team culture. But I think he needs to explain in detail how he feels before you can start evaluating and weighing it,” adds Hojbier.

Under Conte, whose contract expires in May, Spurs have lost seven of their 17 games in 2023. Underperforming in March saw their season run out of trophies again following their Champions League elimination. “The coach is not happy and that’s what I think. Said the player, who has been at the club since 2020. “You do. Everything to please him What I know about myself is that I am an honest player. I’m always a player who gives 100 percent for the team ′′ ′′ If that’s what he sees. You as a player need to be a little more thorough before taking that seriously.”

          Kanconte spoke to the team’s management following the outburst in the interview and insisted his remarks were directed only at the player rather than the club and owners. He left England during the Premier League international break. Club chairman Daniel Levy is currently deciding whether the former Chelsea and Inter Milan manager will remain in his place. That will depend on whether the club feels he can still motivate his squad. Retaining this manager will help or hurt the club’s chances of qualifying for Champions League football. league next season It is also under heavy scrutiny.