Agent ‘Arthur’ made his heart so sick that ‘Reds’ did not think of buying outright.

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Agent Arthur Melo admits he will not sign permanently. Liverpool due to injury Midfielder Dan Coffee Lack of showing footsteps for Jurgen Klopp to see. Pointing to an empty season and having to return to Juventus, the real agency next season.

Federico Pastorello, agent of Brazilian midfielder Arthur Melo came out to admit. His caretaker was unfortunately unable to play for Liverpool due to injury issues. Since borrowing from Juventus and even this time back to training. But still do not have the opportunity to show results. Therefore believe that the Reds will definitely not use the option to buy

Agent 'Arthur' made his heart so sick that 'Reds' did not think of buying outright.

The 26-year-old star was brought in by the Anfield team to solve the problem of midfield players on the closing day of the transfer window last summer. But he played just 13 minutes as a late substitute in the Reds’ 4-1. Champions League group stage defeat to Napoli before suffering a musculoskeletal injury. Leg during training until needing surgery last October And it takes about 4 months to recuperate. 

Until now, the former Barcelona footballer , who has returned to training since February. Has not played for the first UFABET team at all, although at first he had hopes Will return to the football path under Jürgen Klopp ‘s team and a loan contract with an option to buy outright will be considered, but recently,  Pastorello admitted that This deal probably won’t happen anymore.

“He was unlucky,” the agent said of a move that would be a wasted season for Arthur . After playing a few games for Juventus, he is working on his fitness. but was injured and had to undergo surgery It was an injury that lasted about four months and since then. He was on the bench. I hope he can at least contribute to the team but then I think he will come back from his loan and let’s see. What to do next? 

Liverpool only have one goal left this season. Is to get fourth place in the Premier League table to have a chance to play in the UEFA Champions League next season, but from this time with 42 points from 26 games, 7 points behind Spurs  in fourth place, but less competition More than 2 shots, every game is very important and the German boss I wouldn’t mind sending. Samba midfielder Who has not played a league game at all, certainly on the field Except to crush the opponent overwhelmingly and then give the opportunity to knock on the rust