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Chasing The Lost Dream Chasing The Lost Dream

Fasten your seat belt and hunker down for the joyride of your life!

Navigate a British motorhome right to the portal of ancient history and cruise inside to the year three hundred. Don’t touch that body with the brain still intact. It won’t bite…..but you never know. Embrace the freedom with each layer of the journey in “Digging In.”

Traipse across The Turquoise Coast of Turkey leaving behind blood, sweat, tears and most of your sense of humor in “Turkey in the Middle.”

In “Czeching Out” stagger off a bus after seventeen butt-numbing hours to discover a magnificent city with a hundred heaven-bound spires and a church housing skeletal remains transformed into coffee tables, chairs, coat of arms and chandeliers.

ISBN No.: 0-9657509-6-5
Canadian Orders
$22.50 plus S/H

U.S. Orders
$15.95 plus S/H

Free Spirit – Born to Wander Free Spirit – Born to Wander

Book Excerpt: I have had one ticket in all my many years of driving. It was for speeding. I was driving forty-three miles per hour in a thirty-five mile zone.

Even that ticket might have stemmed from the fact that, upon being shown the radar equipment, I said, “Oh, is that the little gizmo that clocked a tree doing sixty on last Saturday night’s news?”

No Ma’am,” said the officer in a humorless, controlled and authoritative voice, as he wrote out the ticket.

I have never felt the urge to speed since that day. I also must confess to six or seven automobile accidents but I have rarely been in the various cars when they were hit. Most of the time the car was parked…..and parked legally, I might add.

On the other occasions I had been stopped either at a stop sign, or at a traffic light or in an endless line of stationary traffic, well some of us were stationary before being used as target practice. So why do I know so many people whose driving scares the hell out of me?

ISBN No.: 0-9657509-5-7
$13.95 U.S. funds, $21.50 Canadian funds

Everyone’s Dream, Everyone's Nightmare Everyone’s Dream, Everyone’s Nightmare

Book Excerpt: The following morning we were at the bus station picking up tickets to Agadir. Much to our disappointment there was no train service. All we saw were old, broken down buses but we knew that we had to take one of them. How else would we get to Agadir and the ferry that would carry us to paradise, the Canary Islands.

We boarded the bus. We were the only non-Moroccans on board.

Our luggage, along with everyone else’s was thrown up to the young, shirtless lad walking on the roof of the bus. Crates of chickens, large jute bags containing God-knows-what and cardboard boxes, held together with string, were tied down beside, over and under our luggage.

It didn’t take long to get really sick of this trip. I could not remember the last time I felt so cramped or so uncomfortable on seats with thin, lumpy padding.

The smell, a mixture of unwashed bodies, an unknown lemon fragrance and animals, nauseated me. There would be five hours of this with only one stop to break up this hell. Needless to say, it was long before we got to the rest stop that I decided I needed to use a washroom, and I use that term very loosely. My diary for that day explains it this way.

NOTE: I have gone from not wanting to use the porta-potty in my camper due to the embarrassment of Paul being there, to learning to pee in a cup while surrounded by two hundred Moroccans – I’ve come a long way baby.

ISBN No.: 0-9657509-1-4
$13.95 U.S. funds, $21.50 Canadian funds

Kiss This Florida, I’m Outta Here – Diary of a Solo, Full-Time RVer Kiss This Florida, I’m Outta Here – Diary of a Solo, Full-Time RVer

Back Cover Excerpt: I actually got stranded in Florida. I have, in recent years, compared myself to Alexandr Solzhenitsyn. When he got off the plane in Siberia, the most desolate region in the Soviet Union, he kissed the ground.

Was exile in Vermont so terrible? Was being stranded in Sarasota, Florida every winter so terrible?

For those sitting ass-deep or worse in that white fluffy stuff that looks so pristine in pictures, Sarasota on Florida’s Gulf Coast, would be a dream come true. I however kissed the ground in whatever country I landed in every summer since Florida, for those unaccustomed to the heat and humidity, it’s a notch below hell.

ISBN No. 0-9657509-2-2
$13.95 U.S. Funds, $21.50 Canadian Funds

A Million Miles from Home – All Roads Lead to Istanbul A Million Miles from Home – All Roads Lead to Istanbul

Back Cover Excerpt: I was awakened from a dead sleep at four-ten in the morning.

It was still black as pitch when I was ushered off the bus where my luggage was waiting on the pavement. I squinted, hoping to see the lights from the bus depot in the distance. There was nothing.

As the bus pulled away I saw the sign telling me that Ürgüp, my destination, was twenty miles that-a-way, with an arrow pointing right at the corner of the road.

I was alone in the middle of nowhere, or so I thought.

ISBN No.: 0-9657509-3-0
$13.95 U.S. Funds, $22.50 Canadian Funds