Mini Reads

Mini Read’s – all the flavor, but now with half the calories!

How I lost 3 pounds in 30 years of dieting without going hungry

How I lost 3 pounds in 30 years of dieting without going hungryFood is food is food is food ad infinitum.

I like almost all of it.

I eat almost all of it even if it is not on the list of my top one hundred most scrumptious delicacies, and sadly… shows.

So to have been done in by one measly cashew nut, the size of it not coming close to my gross overall weight is like a slap in the face by a favorite relative.

My mantra: Eat, Travel and Laugh – the joys in life.

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Down on the Farm

Did you ever want to live on a farm?

Down on the FarmTo know the joys of working the land until tiny, green sprigs break through – their little faces beaming at the sun.

To inhale those earthy smells while tending to all the living creatures on the property – both great and small.

To prepare sustenance with fruit and vegetables sown and reaped with your own hands.

To learn to fix everything, mechanical or otherwise, yourself – because nobody else will.

Yeah, right… neither!

A hilarious look at a born and raised city slicker living a life she never encouraged, planned or wanted.

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Without a Pit to Hiss in

I didn’t see where the man came from but within seconds a black snake was slithering down my husband’s arm, another was draped over his shoulder and a third was wrapped around his waist and starting to fan out in front of his face.

“Oh my God,” I said as I watched in horror. “It’s a cobra.”

For a moment I thought I was going to be sick. I gasped for breath. I watched Paul’s face go deathly pale and his body rigid and in the next instant I wondered…..

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Stuck in Grease Greece

greeceWe were alone on the dock…

Paul was ready to argue with anyone who spoke the slightest amount of English but I hoped he would hold his tongue in check. I knew arguing would only make matters worse and, as the hours crept by, we resigned ourselves to being stranded in a hellish war zone. In the dark and still on the dock, I had a sudden overwhelming urge to rip off the Canadian stickers that we had plastered on the front bumper and rear door of our camper just to work out my frustration. I was starting to feel nauseous thinking that we would be left behind. All vehicles in the queue, including the ones that had been behind us, were now on board.

Cdn Price: $12.00 plus S&H

U.S. Price: $9.50 plus S&H