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I live in a complex with about 500 – 600 other people and I know we can’t love or like all of them.  Some have become very dear friends and I’m VERY grateful for them.  Most get a hello or a hi and perhaps even a how are you doing.  There are some I tolerate and some that I don’t – having been bullied to the point of seeking legal advice on one occasion and having to listen to some antisemitic moron drone on and on about how bad the Jews are even after I told her “some of my best friends are Jewish – like my mother and my father.”  It went in one ear and other the other without a brain to stop it – but I digress.  Let me move on to last Friday pub night but the story actually started about a month ago.

3rd Friday of the month we have music night and everyone gathers in the Fireside Lounge.  I ended up sitting with some friends, drinking wine and reading the contents of a bottle of Shiraz wine called Bodacious.  It sounded delicious and after taking a sip I KNEW that I wanted it. It was sweet, dark red with an undertone of cherry and berry flavours.  A day or so later I purchased one bottle and although reasonably priced I wanted more – much more. I decided to have it made and would get 30 bottles to keep on hand.  I don’t do that very often but like I said:  absolutely delicious.  I placed my order on Friday afternoon.

Friday night was pub night.  I’m sitting across from my friend Joan and told her about having a batch of that delicious wine made and it would be ready in about 6 weeks.  A resident sitting beside me said I could have purchased a box of it and it would have been much cheaper.  I asked how long it would keep after it was open and she told me about 6 weeks.  I said I could not drink a box of wine in 6 weeks – “it takes me a month to go through a bottle,” I said using my outside voice.

Ewwwww, Ewwww, Ewwww, Ewwww (and at least 4 or 5 more Ewwwws) were spat at me from another resident sitting across from me. Her face was scrunched like up like I had said that I picked up doggy poo with my bare hands, and she spat a few more Ewwwws at me. You NEVER keep open wine more than 3 days EVER, she said.  I’m never going to drink wine with you, she said – to which I responded – who the hell asked you.

To be honest I wanted to laugh.  I’m positive that if she EVER looked in a mirror while saying Ewwww she would never say it again.  I cannot tell you how UGLY she looked.  Try it yourself and tell me if I’m right.   Joei




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