New Year’s Resolutions and why I hate them.

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By 72 years old and counting I should know why I don’t make New Year’s resolutions – plain and simple – (1) they don’t work (2) they don’t last (3) you get so drunk you forget you made them … yada … yada … yada. So why bother making one – this year of all years – because I’m ready – for this one resolution anyway. And it stems from the fact that the dogs living in my building with kind and loving humans are better dressed then I am … and I do mean much better dressed.  They have hats and boots for winter. They have winter coats and jackets and sweaters when it’s cool to cold AND they have rain gear. They have jewelled collars and all sorts of bling. I have none of those things.

I have been gearing up for this one resolution since November 4th, 2016 when I saw Beau Bridges on The Talk. Listening to him took me back over twenty-five years and brought tears to my eyes. It was my happiest time, married to the love of my life, Paul. Beau Bridges explained that his wife hates to shop (something most women know absolutely nothing about) so he (Beau) buys all her clothes. I too hate to shop for clothes.  I do occasionally purchasing an article of clothing but ONLY when I’m shopping with a trusted friend. Paul used to buy all my clothes. Everything he bought me fit perfectly. The colours were always vibrant and lifted my spirits. They were either sexy or practical but always comfortable.

On the 26th of June, 2017 he will be gone 25 years and not one day has gone by that I have not missed and longed for him.

In 2017 I will make EVERY effort to shop for nice clothes – for pretty things – that lift my spirits. That is my New Year’s Resolution.

Happy New Year everyone.  I wish you all heath and happiness and, if it doesn’t come naturally, create your best year ever.  Joei


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