Winter Blues, Blahs and, oh crap, winter is still 2 months away

I could probably forego the rest of the post and about half the people in Canada and northern United States would understand exactly what I’m talking about BUT:

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I have been living in the lower mainland of British Columbia for about ten years and I go through the winter blues, blahs and oh crap winter hasn’t even started yet every year.  Sometime in early to middle October the sun disappears and I want to disappear along with it. I go into a blue funk – something like what I’m going through right now. Let’s just call it the yukkies.

Our swimming pool closed on September 25 – I had been swimming almost every day since I returned from Clinton, B.C. where I was supposed to spend the summer and ended up coming home after less then a month. I should have packed up and gone camping someplace else for a month or two and I might have felt better … but stupidly I didn’t … I taught my classes at Okanagan College in Kelowna and then came home.

Yesterday I went out for a walk and to pick up some food because 3 storms would be arriving one after another.  The first one was in the middle of last night.  It rained … and it rained … and it rained. It is now around noon on Thursday. It is still overcast and drizzling and I really don’t want to do anything.  The next storm will be sometime today and should include stiff breezes and tomorrow more rain and damaging winds. That’s what the weather forecast says anyway.

I have spent the last many, many days watching and listening to YouTube videos learning to wire weave around beads and it has become a source of joy.  I have created some lovely pieces that (hopefully) I’ll be selling at the Surrey International Writing Conference starting on October 19 to Oct 21, 2016 – YEAH!!!!!! Now that I’m looking forward to.

This weekend I’ll be joining the Surrey RockHounds for a day or two of learning and practicing all sorts of new stuff and checking out the magazines and new tools I’ll need for my projects – although I already have a bunch.  That should get my mojo working a bit.  On Tuesday (yes – I’ll be missing my writing group) but I’m going to a Talk at the Surrey campus of Kwantlen College about traveling solo given my someone who owns a travel agency and (kind of) specializes in getting the best deals for solos.

I need to start booking some fun stuff for myself. I’ll definitely keep you all posted.  Joei





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