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Most travel writers head off to the Travel Shows hoping to find free trips and writing opportunities.  Not me. I went to the Vancouver Travel Show (this weekend – September 24th, 2016) because I was royally pissed off. I tried to book a cruise to Hawaii (mostly because I’ve never been there AND the cruise went from Vancouver to Hawaii and (most important) back to Vancouver.  After being severely injured on a plane trip from Vancouver to Rome a few years ago, I’m leery about flying.  I still do it but only when I have to. Anyway I got the price from a travel agent – price for 2 traveling $1,717.00 each – which seemed reasonable for a 14 day trip.  Price for traveling solo – $3,375.00 – NOW THAT SUCKED.  I don’t mind paying a little extra for being alone in a room but paying for 2 in the room, 2 to eat, 2 to be entertained, 2 for movies and lectures, etc. Now that’s a ripoff.  Someone on Facebook reminded me that service was expensive and I reminded her that service is an EXTRA charge before disembarking.   

I stormed the gates of the Vancouver Travel Show looking for cruise ship lines with very low or no single supplement and a clear winner emerged.

My trip to the Vancouver Travel was a real winner anyway starting even before entering the hallowed halls.  I stopped someone from the Convention Centre for directions to the Travel Show and he was kind enough to point the way. He asked if I had my ticket and I said “no.”  He opened a small wallet and gave me a free ticket.  I thanked him profusely and was on my way.

I started picking up brochures right from the door and my mistake was NOT bringing a carrying case on wheels because it didn’t take long for me to be overloaded with travel books. I would have loved picking up more but decided that I was not a pack mule.

I was surprised at how small the show was because I have been to others that had at least half a dozen more rows.  Each side of the building were stage presentations and I listened to Doctors speak about immunizations needed in various countries and on the other side of the room photography tours to the Yukon.  There were 3 or 4 large cruise lines along with smaller cruises and river cruises.  Lots of hotels were represented. I wasn’t too interested but when someone came over to me to talk about Trump Hotels I had to shoo him away and many must have done the same because he gave up pretty quickly. I don’t want to hear one more thing about Trump.  I also picked up information about bus trips and across Canada train trips. I’ll be going through all that information in due time.

And I know you’re waiting for the name of the clear winner in the cruise ship:  Norwegian has already equipped ALL their new (8 ships so far) with 100 square foot rooms and NO SINGLE SUPPLEMENT.  They have taken that extra space and supplied a games room for people in those rooms to watch tv or read or just mix and mingle with snacks available at all times.  I’m sure those rooms will be in high demand so I’ll have to book early BUT thank you Norwegian for going in that direction.  You’ll get my vote and my money.

My good day did not end there.  On the skytrain coming home I spoke with my seat companion who was showing her Australian family around Vancouver. She runs a radio (interview) show out of White Rock and thinks I would make an interesting subject.  I’ll keep you posted on that one.

All in all – a GREAT day.  Joei

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