Back in the Saddle

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Well, I certainly have lived up to my promise for the summer.  I have been doing lots of writing and now have 7 stories waiting at Chicken Soup for the Soul and 1 story at the New York Times. I have created a new line of tree of life pendants that, even if I have to say so myself, is absolutely spectacular. I also have my up and running and will upload my newest creations as soon as I have a few more.  I haven’t uploaded my beaded spiders yet and need to do that because I’m getting orders for them.

The only fly in the ointment is my latest writing project and it’s not really a fly or an ointment … but I’m trying my hand and mind on a bit of fiction writing and I’m really going to need a lot of help. I really must slow down a bit and give myself (at least) a couple of years to get the job done. In an effort to speed things up (like I do when I’m traveling-writing and have a deadline) I seem to be putting small bits and pieces in places where they don’t belong and several chapters ahead I find that I have the same information – like it was just happening.

I know that last sentence is as clear as mud so I’ll give an example:  The story concerns a wool store (and I actually ran my own wool store in the 80’s) and in chapter 4 I delivered the shelves to the store however, I discovered that I delivered the shelves and set them up in chapter 8 or 9.  Nothing too dramatic but I should make up my mind now – when I’m writing it the first time.

I’m also making notes on 4×6 cards.  I’m doing complete profiles on the characters so that person doesn’t have blue eyes in chapter 3 and brown eyes in chapter 19.  That I learned from reading books on writing and this is the first time I’m applying it.

I’m also going to have to learn about writing dialogue and making it sound authentic – something I never really had to do before except for a line or two.  I do know that dialogue moves the story forward and I don’t want to skip over it.

Just a few of the problems I’m facing after having written 14 adventure books and now working on my first novel.  So despite the fact that the next chapter I’ll be working on is 13 – I’ve gone back and am correcting chapters 1 through 12.

Yes … I’m back in the saddle … but please don’t let me die with my boots on and definitely not now.

Still fun … for me … anything “learned” is fun. Thanks everyone.  Joei


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