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Well, if you read my last post you know that there were several things that I wasn’t happy with concerning the Psychic/Craft Fair and, of course, it came back to bite me in the ass.  I wasn’t happy with the fact that it was the first craft fair and the organizer, I won’t mention any names, just didn’t do her job.

I suggested that she get in touch with the newspapers and put a small free ad in the “events” section of each newspaper. She said she didn’t have time so I contacted 10 local newspapers and since it was pretty close to event time I don’t know how many listed it. Two wrote back and said “they only list local events and wouldn’t be putting an ad in for Surrey.” I don’t think  the organizer did anything that wasn’t on Facebook. And she answered everyone who wrote to her with a little thumbs up sticker.  I’m 72 years old and got over needing a sticker for every tiny accomplishment when I was 3.

From the number of people that showed up – I’ll say it didn’t get into any of the newspapers.  Shame on her.

I wasn’t happy with the cost of the table which was much too expensive for a first time effort.  I didn’t make the money back that I paid for the table. And speaking of the table – the people who where supposed to set up those tables didn’t arrive on time so another vendor and I dragged off a couple of 12 tables and set them up ourselves.

I had a friend/neighbour show up to the event because she works for the leading doctor in BC specializing in Hep C cancers and noticed there was absolutely no information or people to talk to about Hep C – in other words – what the fundraiser was for. My friend went to talk to the organizer.  She was not familiar with the doctor.

Needless to say – it was a long and tiring – nothing of an event.  Would I do it again – No and I have asked my friend/neighbour that if I mention it next year to please shoot me.  She agreed. I have deleted the organizer from my list of Facebook friends.

Perhaps if I had gone for a reading from a psychic I would known better.  Joei

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