Come and Gone …

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Hi Everyone:  I ended my last post with “Ask me next week” because I couldn’t believe that I would still be happy being home but … what can I tell you … I’m still happy.  Things that I hoped for are starting to kick in.

I received an e-mail from Barb Warwick at the Surrey Art Centre at the corner of 88th and King George in Surrey (where some of my crafts are for sale) telling me that there was going to be an Psychic and Craft Fair on Sunday, August 7th and tables were still available if I was interested.  OF COURSE I’M INTERESTED.  

I contacted them immediately, discovered that this was the FIRST Psychic/Craft Fair which didn’t please me but you have to start someplace and I might as well get in on the ground floor. Wasn’t all that pleased with the cost of the table … being that this was the FIRST and I felt it was a bit expensive BUT … you have to start someplace so I ponied up the loot and got myself a table. The organizer (Petra) sent me a YouTube video and I wasn’t going to listen for 45 minutes so I just put it on my Facebook page.  I asked where she had publicized the event and was told in the Province and one local Surrey newspaper. She said she didn’t have time to do more.  “Well, I do,” I said and the next morning I sent off letters to 10 newspapers in and around Surrey.  Two wrote back to say that they only promote local events but the others said they would publish. Now we’re talking.

Feeling somewhat heady from my recent success in contacting all the media, I asked Petra if flyers were available and downloaded a bunch.  There are between 500 and 600 people living here in Chelsea Gardens in Surrey and I put flyers in all three apartment buildings and the clubhouse.

Yesterday I decided to organize all the stuff I’ll be bringing and have been working nonstop putting price tags on my pendants. I attached the price tags to my business cards and have been tying them onto each one with fine thread.  Oh my goodness … what have I started.

For some reason or other I am enjoying being involved.  I am also enjoying getting my name and products out there into the big world and especially delighted getting my Etsy account at back up and running. This weekend I’ll be handing out oodles of business cards with my adventure-travel books and e-Books at on one side of the card and my crafts on the other.

I’m hoping to see a bunch of my peeps at the Spirit in the Sky for World Hepatitis Day Psychic/Craft Fair 2016 at the Surrey Art Centre, at the corner of 88th Avenue and King George in Surrey, British Columbia.  We’ll be there (indoors) giving you a psychic reading or selling our hand-made crafts from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM so COME ON DOWN as they say on The Price is Right.

Entrance to the event is FREE … FREE … FREE.   Joei

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