I’ve Got a Secret

Come closer to the screen…..I don’t want everyone to hear this……I have just discovered audio books.  How absolutely fantastic.  I downloaded my first one a few days ago by Lisa Scottiline called Betrayed.  It wasn’t my choice but my finger pushed the wrong button and there you have it.  Betrayed by my own fingers.  Anyway I started to read it (and yes I have READ a few of her books) but this time she was reading to me.  Not fussy about the book subject but loved the fact that she was reading it to me. Did anyone out there know about this?

I knew I was coming up to Clinton, BC to camp for about 10 days and with no television I wanted to download a few more books.  This time I made sure that my fingers were on the right buttons and I downloaded Billy Crystals Still Foolin’ Em.  I finished it yesterday and must confess that he didn’t fool me.  I now love him even more.  I laughed out loud through most of the book and cried a little when it reminded me of my own life and the people I have lost along the way to becoming over 70 years old.  And I too am saying the same thing……how the heck did I get so old……but glad that I’m still here to enjoy it.  Billy Crystal is what we would call a ‘mensch’ in Jewish.  A person – but you only call them a mensch when they are a good ‘person.’ Love him. Love his movies and his stories and his books and love the fact that I can call him ‘a mensch.’

I have one more audio book by Elizabeth Peters and again (yes, I have read some of her other books and enjoyed them) and she writes about archaeology and Egypt.  Can’t wait to start it.

There are a couple of things that I won’t be doing with the audio books (I think) and that is to listen to them while driving.  I have been told that sometimes you just shoot right by your turnoff because you are so busy listening to that part of the story.  I’m over 70 years old (oh, I think I mentioned that before) and I’m always afraid I’m going to shoot past my turnoff without listening to a book.

So I guess my secret is out of the bag……I LOVE AUDIO BOOKS……..  Joei


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