Back on the Learning Trail

About a year ago my laptop crashed. Everything was removed and I was able to transfer it into my desktop – both were PC’s with Microsoft XP in them so it was relatively easy. After my laptop crashed I replaced it with a MacBook Pro.  I come from a family of Mac users and they all swear by them so I decided to switch. Since I still had my desktop I really do much with my Mac…..well to make a long story short and boring a few weeks ago my desktop crashed – actually crashed and burned. Nothing could be salvaged. Fortunately every story and article in that computer was either published in a magazine someplace or published in one of my own books. I know I lost a few things but not as much as you would suspect. I left the shell of my computer to be disposed of……

I’m now thrilled to be back to one computer (my MacBook Pro laptop) and a GREAT laptop to boot. I need to start learning because its operation is totally different from my PC. I couldn’t believe that I actually needed a book to figure out how to open a new file folder.  Last night I printed out a bunch of new business cards when I discovered that I can produce business cards without a publishing program – however I have a feeling that things will be easier with a publishing program.

Well, I have about 150 new business cards featuring the fact that you can purchase my e-books either at or through your favourite retailer and you can find my craft site at: and it’ll take you right into my site.  So please don’t make all my work in vain and check them out.   Have a great week – I’m heading out to a camping rally in Williams Lake, British Columbia middle of this week. Looking forward to getting away for a while.   Joei

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