Book Review

Book:  Mozart’s Sister

Author:  Nancy Moser

Reviewer:  Joei Carlton Hossack

In finishing the book this morning I feel as though I am saying goodbye to an old and dear friend.  There are many reasons why I enjoyed the book.  The first and foremost is that I love historical novels. They entertain while teaching your something about the past.  Great job  Nancy Moser  The second reason that I loved this particular book is that I have been to Mozart’s house – the one in Vienna and could visualize each small room. Great job  Nancy Moser.  The third reason I loved this book – I have been to all of the places in Europe where Wolfie and Nannerl entertained royalty. – Great job Nancy Moser.

I found it interesting that all the feeling that Nannerl expressed as a woman of the 1700’s are still true in today’s life.

All is all – I give this book a 5-star.  Bravo Nancy Moser.

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