Did you ever wish you could just run away from home?

Running away from home was exactly what Joei and Paul Hossack did in the fall of 1989. They sold their 1-1/2 story bungalow, along with most of their furniture in the Beaches area of Toronto. They sold their new midnight blue Camaro with all the bells and whistles, their 25 foot Grew with an outboard motor and her Mazda pickup truck. Paul quit his high profile, stressful job as an investment dealer with Merrill Lynch and Joei closed her successful wool shop on the Danforth.

Amid fears that the couple, both still in their forties had lost their marbles, they went to England, purchased a small motorhome and embarked on an adventure that last 2-1/2 years.

Paul and Joei toured England, Wales and Scotland, Paul’s ancestral home, or so he thought. At Hugh Miller’s Cottage in Cromerty, Scotland he discovered that he was only 400 years Scottish. Before that he was Welsh. He was devastated.

They traveled Europe visiting more countries than you could count on all your fingers and several of your toes. They went skiing in the Pyrenees, got a $500.00 traffic ticket in Spain and were blessed by the Pope in St. Peter’s Square. Paul had his pocket picked in Italy and one morning on the Greek Island of Crete they awoke to find out that the Gulf War had started and they were in the middle of it. When the government started issuing gas masks to the local residents, they left. They visited parts of Africa. They toured North America looking for a home.

On the 26th of June, 1992 Paul had a heart attack while jogging and died in a campground in Northern Germany. He was only 52 years old.

Joei has continued to live their dream. She spent the summer of 1993 working on 3 archaeological digs in South England. The summer of 1994 found her traveling through Turkey, the Greek Islands and Cyprus by herself. In 1995 she drove solo from Sarasota, Florida to Alaska. She now spends part of the time at her condo in Surrey, B.C. and the rest of the time on the road, gathering stories, as a solo RVer.

Joei Carlton Hossack is the author of 7 adventure travel books (1) Restless from the Start (out of print) (2) Everyone’s Dream Everyone’s Nightmare is the story of the Hossack’s 2-1/2 year adventure (3) Kiss this Florida, I’m Outta Here is her first year on the road as a full-time RVer (4) A Million Miles from Home is 5-1/2 months in Turkey, the Greek Islands and Cyprus (5) Alaska Bound and Gagged (6) Free Spirit – Born to Wander is a collection of short travel essays and (7) Chasing the Lost Dream contains, among other stories, her summer on the Archaeological Digs.  Released in May, 2009 was her first mini read called How I lost 3 pounds in 30 years of dieting without going hungry and in March, 2010 her second mini called Down on the Farm. Morocco – Without a Pit to Hiss in is the third Mini Read and released in 2013 was the fourth called Stuck in Greece.  All books (except for Everyone’s Dream Everyone’s Nightmare) have been converted to e-Books available directly from www.Smashwords.Com or through your favourite retailer.

Joei has developed 2 workbooks – Memoir Writing Workbook and Organizer and Travel Writing Workbook and Organizer.

In her spare time she teaches Memoir Writing and Travel Writing.  She is an entertaining and inspirational speaker specializing in world travel and writing/publishing/promotion and an amateur photographer.

Joei can be reached via e-mail at:  JoeiCarlton@Hotmail.com

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